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It’s normal, fifteen years ago there were five influential fairs. In 2014, the Armory produced sales in the region of 0 million.

This year the outlook in America is better, so the results should be better too.” Benjamin Genocchio. Strolling through the aisles of the fair, the advisor to a prominent European collector is also keen to stress that the Armory is a “local fair”.

Last year she was shown in the permanent collection of the Pinault Foundation in Venice.

Her compositions often consist of portraits of women or children in a primitive vein and recall the work of the star of South African painting, Marlene Dumas.

The Armory provides a chance to rediscover overlooked figures from the world of contemporary art.

These hot new apps bring together the black community and help you swipe for love in a safe space. Soul Swipe Soul Swipe was one of the first dating apps to be called “The Black Tinder.” The app connects to your Facebook account and begins sending you profiles to view based on your location settings. ” If you and a potential match both swipe right, then you are allowed to chat with each other.

Even though the price of oil has tumbled, keeping Middle Eastern buyers at bay, while the crisis rages on in China to weaken the turnout of Chinese buyers, and Brazil remains mired in a deep depression, New York’s art market is intent on signalling a sunny optimism.

Indeed Benjamin Genocchio seems fairly bullish about the health of the US economy.“The market has clearly become a collection of regional markets.

“We sell to emerging foundations in China which are looking for works by important artists.” If New York remains a solid square on the chessboard of the global art market, China is increasingly seen as the new Eldorado.

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