Naija sex hookup

It is a prostitutes’ paradise, a haven of sinful lust.There, women of various ages, shapes and sizes compete for attention.When Saturday Sun was there, a rotund dancer dished out suggestive stuff, as Makossa music blasted from the speakers.A few meters away from Jonvee is De Konsolate nite club.There, sex workers keep vigil, in anticipation of patronage.

Indeed, their general stage mannerisms were erotic.So, if you make your choice, the girl’s mobile phone numbers will be given to you to reach her and discuss business.On entering there, waitresses always announce, gleefully, that they have everything, including girls.Her name is Faith.” However, when Faith’s number was called, she said that she was “running things somewhere.” Free girls are also on the prowl in the premises of Jonvee Kitchen. The more daring ones accost men leaving the place and offer their company.One of the side attractions at Jonvee is the performance of semi-clad female dancers, who entertain guests.In fact, there were more people outside than inside. They were commercial sex workers strutting their stuff and soliciting for patronage from men.

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