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In the office, Ashley is our resident boho babe, with a massive collection of boots (no surprise there) and an enviable talent for finding vintage treasures.Here, she lets us peek inside her sun-filled apartment and at her racks-on-racks of clothes, plus talks dogs and why, when it comes to sandals, it’s go gladiator or go home. It’s gold on the sides, and white pony hair on the back.Another way to prevent these actions is to consider how you can provide multiple career paths to your team.Multiple promotion opportunities, more responsibility and varied career paths will help prevent people from vying for one position within your company.

And now we’ve got the first images and synopses from the following movies that will be playing in that category.” “I like my place to be a relaxing gypsy pad with a 70’s vibe—lots of wood, amber, shag rugs, candles….. I’m DYING for one of those cool wicker chairs that hangs from the ceiling but I think my ceiling will come down! Super clean and minimalistic.” “I definitely have a boho vibe about me—something just draws me to fringe and crochet and lace, oh my!But I definitely like to switch my look up as often as I can!As leadership and employee engagement continues to grow in prominence as ‘hot topics’ for business leaders, HR professionals local councils and within management practices, we now have the perfect opportunity to ensure that our workplace culture is one we can be proud of.

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