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It tells the story of how Norwegian children smuggled gold bullion past the Nazis to a freighter bound for Baltimore.

Snow Treasure introduced me to World War II, and in high school I read several of Leon Uris' novels.

-- David Nevin in A Note on Methods and Sources in 1812Father Greeley's clarification between these two terms appears in the Author's Note of Irish Love, one of his Nuala Anne Mc Grail stories. Nelson defines the difference in the Historical Note for The Only Life That Mattered.

Sarah Bower, in her farewell Letter from the Editor column, shows how history can interfere with the story.

We need to do the research in order to thoroughly immerse ourselves in the lives and times of our characters, in order to avoid merely writing modern novels in period dress, or -- and there should be a special circle of hell for this -- novels which patronise people from societies we perceive as more primitive than our own.

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Everett Prewitt Guiding Missal by Nancy Panko The Devil Dogs of Belleau Wood by Terrence Mc Cauley The Killing Practice by Linda Swink BRONZE Blood Brothers by E.The purpose of history is to narrate events as accurately as one can.The purpose of historical fiction is to enable a reader through the perspective of characters in the story to feel that she or he is present at the events.- Sarah Bower, Co-ordinating Editor (UK), History strives for reality, for what is provable, documentable.Historical fiction should strive for the story that underlies reality and thus become an imagained reality.History and fiction often conflict with each other, even while they complement each other.

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