Nudist video chat iphone

The service represents an easily understood and practical benefit of augmented reality, a hot trend that overlays digital images on the real world using special headsets or your own phone.Many of the early examples of popular AR include games like Pokemon Go or filters and lenses that go over your face on Instagram or Snapchat. Your grandma can't figure out how to program her TV remote.Your kid has questions about science homework while you're on a business trip. We've all been there -- fielding requests for assistance when we aren't physically around.

This means an internet service provider, for instance, could offer a video chat app to troubleshoot your home broadband problems, or tech support could show you how to operate your cable box by sketching words and instructions that appear on your screen.Now, PTC's Vuforia augmented-reality software means you can at least show up virtually.The company on Wednesday demonstrated a new Vuforia-based app called Project Chalk that lets you interact with others through video calling.Vuforia software enables developers to create AR apps.More than 350,000 developers have registered to use Vuforia.Augmented reality shouldn't be confused with virtual reality, which transports you into a different, digitally created world. An important factor in how big the market will get is content, said ABI Research analyst Eric Abbruzzese.

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