Oldest thing found carbon dating dating russian and ukraine woman


There are interesting connections to be made here: Oro (and slight variations of it) means gold in all but one of the Italic family languages. Variations of the name are very common in the Italic and Slavic family languages.

Oro Aragonese Oru Asturian Or Catalan Oro Spanish Or French Aur Friulian Ouro Galician Oro ItalianÓor Lombard Aur Occitan Ouro Portuguese Aur Romanian & Moldovan(Reference: So, gold = clean, pure Drago became Dragon in Romania and the name Dragos is very common. (Further reference: Dragon = divine, or divine blood Drago Manisa = the language of the [divine, pure] Dragon blooded.

As such, Ion (John) has revolutionized everything we knew about the anthropological theories and about the origin of modern man and his links with the Neanderthal man.

In 2003, other discoveries found in the same place, certified that in Romania lived the oldest Europeans.

In 2003 after new researches, the scientists found a piece of skull dated to be 35,000 years old, belonging to a woman who was named Maria (Mary).

Many of the 200 plates had been stolen in time, but about 100 have been photographed, scanned and shared.

In the basement of "'Vasile Parvan' Archaeology Institute of Bucharest" are allegedly located the last 30 remaining plates (non-inventoried).

In the city Tărtăria, Alba County, in 1961 was discovered an important religious complex; the material showed a continuity of habitation for several thousand years.

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