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I was lucky enough to find my soulmate after a few short weeks and couldn't be more thankful!

I will definitely be recommending the website to my friends.

Nastya is very understanding of my needs as a man and boy, can she cook!

Nastya and I now live in New York on Long Island and she has become accustomed to live in the US very quickly.

I look forward to continue using this site in my search of the perfect woman. Ever since I began to write to her over the email and finally went to Irkutsk for the first time to meet her, she has been a great tour guide, showing me beautiful Lake Baikal, the Decemberist's House Museum and other things in Irkutsk and around town.

Natasha and I now go to church at Holy Virgin Protection Russian Orthodox Church near Chicago and I am very happy to have her in my life.It would not be possible without Ikar International.I met Nastya for the first time after corresponding with her over the email last year in Moscow.Being Jewish myself, finally finding the right companion for me was very important.Upon visiting Odessa for the first time, I met Sonya and her parents and it was practically love at first site. I spoke to a number of great girls and met up with a few, one of which I am still dating today and can see it lasting into the future!

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