Open marriage wife dating

According to those who care, it should not be confused with polyamory, a lifestyle that promotes multiple romantic relationships between any combinations of people at the same time.

Old or new, middle-aged or Midtown, the questions that hover around the issue of open marriage are, "Can it work? "Traditionalists, which include most of the people I know, don't understand how open marriage can be successful.

(She's not that much of an anomaly, actually: Almost 20 percent of women in a Glamour survey said they'd consider some form of open relationship.) Maria had first proposed the arrangement to me during our initial, long-distance phase.

And by proposed, I mean that she had a one-night stand with another guy, then guilelessly told me all about it over the phone.

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She says defining a marriage as "open" is really just giving a vocabulary to something that couples are already doing, including marriages in which one partner is having an affair and the other knows, but looks the other way.

But while our marriage was theoretically open from the beginning, as newlyweds neither of us was in a hurry to put that theory to the test.

A few months in, on my business trip to Jamaica, I decided there was no better place to give this thing a whirl.

Is it two people's attempt to reinvest in the idea of commitment, to define it on their own terms and to try to avoid divorce?

Could it be viewed as an honest attempt to make marriage work?

Maria even helped seed the idea in my mind."Any cute girls there? She and I have spo- radically kept in touch on Facebook and have even met up for drinks—just drinks— when we found ourselves in the same city.

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