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Lately I installed my first DAG with Exchange 2016 CU3 in productive environment. But after all databases have been created, I realized that databases got bounced around the nodes and a lot of errors in the Event Log like these: Log Name: Application Source: MSExchange IS Date: 12/14/2016 AM Event ID: 1001 Task Category: General Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: FABEX01.fabrikam.local Description: Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store has encountered an internal logic error. Internal error text is (Process Id perf counter does not match actual process id.) with a call stack of ( at Microsoft. Get Last Worker Process Info()This problem occurs because the performance counters of the RPC Client Access service are not installed when you install only the Mailbox role on an Exchange Server 2010 server. Counter name is *, category name is MSExchange Search Indices. In an effort to troubleshoot this, I’ve taken the steps suggested here, here, and here. Now the Application log looks much better First open Powershell in Admin Mode, then execute the following code: Note that New-Perf Counters actually deletes and re-creates the performance counter, there is no need to use Remove-Perf Counters first.

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Although CAS role has also service named Microsoft Exchange RPC Client Access I did not see this issue if CAS Role is installed on server without Mailbox Role.

Update: Updated the Power Shell script and some additional information about event logs. All of them have many “MSExchange Common” 106 errors in the Application Log indicating that Performance Counters could not be updated: Performance counter updating error. Invalid Operation Exception: The requested Performance Counter is not a custom counter, it has to be initialized as Read Only The problem is that the performance counters are not registered correctly.

Counter name is LDAP Queries Issued by Expanded Groups., category name is Expanded Groups Cache. I wrote a simple script to re-register all the Exchange 2013 performance counters.

Ex Performance Counter.set_Raw Value(Int64 value) Last worker process info : System.

Win32Error(Int32 error Code, String str) at Microsoft. Let’s try to manually add RPC Client Access performance counters.

Counter name is Per-Tenant Key To Remove Budgets Cache Size, category name is MSExchange Remote Powershell. His goal is to be a MVP in digital technology industry.

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