Puerto ricans dating black women

I've dated a couple of Puerto Rican men and ooh wee lemme tell ya...

I love my Boricuan men (especially the ones from New York...damn)!


MISS MY PAPITO:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: All this time I thought it was just me.

Our ancestors just made it to the Us and theirs gopt traded for rum along the way.

Either way, we are one and the same people: D lol...i would LOVE to be able to do that--farm platanos on an island with my hubby..is so my ricky ricardo...i will be his lucy anytime LOL. Soon as my man gets out, we're heading to Boriken to farm for real!!

I also requested like 2 afro latino men and they were the only two that accepted my request. I did a test on myspace to see how they would respond. I have been told by some blacks that they don't like us. Down in Miami, I saw a lot of rican and black couples when I was there for 3 days. the age probably has something to do with it too LOL..knows. My man is black/white although he looks hispanic or mexican ( see the icon ) : D. :faint: Hey now, us white girls can be fiyah with our Boricua's too!they are extremely passionate lovers, i know that my husband blows me AWAY with some of the love he gives me, and it is not only passionate, but it is from his very core. : D Mine lights a fire under me, anywayzzzzzz :hee: DITTO - P. MEN R THE BEST ONCE I STARTED DATING THEM I HAVE BEEN ADDICTED EVER SINCE.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads.Hi Im a 23 year old Black female from Houston, Texas.When I made a thread saying how cute they were, I got criticized by some of the posters up here, and they were telling me that most of them don't like us, so I did a little test to see. Regardless what "blacks" may say, ricans like black people.

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