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NOTE This must come before route that displays Genre (uses id) */ router.get('/genre/create', genre_controller.genre_create_get); /* POST request for creating Genre.

*/ router.post('/genre/create', genre_controller.genre_create_post); The first part of this code defines a validator to check that the name field is not empty (and an error message if it is empty), sanitizes and trims (removes whitespace at either end of the string) the value, and then runs the validator.

extends layout block content h1 # form(method='POST' action='') div.form-group label(for='name') Genre: input#name.form-control(type='text', placeholder='Fantasy, Poetry etc.' name='name' value=(undefined===genre ?

'' : genre.name)) btn-primary(type='submit') Submit if errors ul for error in errors li!

After you enter a value, it should be saved and you'll be taken to the genre detail page.

For example, the genre routes are shown below: /* GET request for creating a Genre.'selected' : false) ) # else option(value=author._id) # div.form-group label(for='summary') Summary: input#summary.form-control(type='textarea', placeholder='Summary' name='summary' value=(undefined===book ?'' : book.summary) required='true') div.form-group label(for='isbn') ISBN: input#isbn.form-control(type='text', placeholder='ISBN13' name='isbn' value=(undefined===book ?In order to mark the genres that were checked by the user we iterate through all the genres and add the extends layout block content h1= title form(method='POST' action='') div.form-group label(for='title') Title: input#title.form-control(type='text', placeholder='Name of book' name='title' required='true' value=(undefined===book ?'' : book.title) ) div.form-group label(for='author') Author: select#author.form-control(type='select', placeholder='Select author' name='author' required='true' ) for author in authors if book option(value=author._id selected=(author._String()==book.author ?Forms are also a relatively secure way of sharing data with the server, as they allow us to send data in requests with cross-site request forgery protection. Developers need to write HTML for the form, validate and properly sanitize entered data on the server (and possibly also in the browser), repost the form with error messages to inform users of any invalid fields, handle the data when it has successfully been submitted, and finally respond to the user in some way to indicate success.

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