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My name is Bree Argetsinger – but I’m also “The Betty Rocker.” I am a C. I created The Betty Rocker to empower you to live your life as the best version of YOU – to help you develop more confidence, deepen your inner strength, and make choices that not only make you proud of yourself but that you want to model to others.

I’ve written multiple cookbooks, and nutrition and fitness plans that have been successfully used by thousands of people. I work with people all over the world, helping them transform from the inside out.

To me, every time I said that name, it felt like I was leaning into the best version of myself, and something that connected me to all the other women out there who were also striving to grow, transform, evolve, thrive and ROCK their life. My primary focus at Tufts University (which I attended on af full academic scholarship - I felt very fortunate! I left college to travel and pursue hands-on learning, because I just could not seem to sit in the classroom for very long!

I traveled around the world, observing, eating and interacting with people in the Czech Republic, Croatia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

I developed some pretty bad alcohol, drug and food addictions that probably came in large part from the lack of control I felt over my body, and my deep insecurities about how I measured up in a world that seemed to judge me for being either "smart enough" or "pretty enough" - but I didn't give up.These substances are not meant to harm us, they are part of the plants’ protective adaption to ensure they do not sprout until conditions are favorable.They need a little warmth, time and a bit of acidity to sprout properly.I wanted to learn more and be more confident and make the best choices I could. I grew up doing gymnastics and ballet, and I enjoy a multitude of fitness styles.Choosing "Betty Rocker" felt a lot like choosing a name ANYONE could be, any girl who wanted to feel like she could totally rock at anything she wanted to. I love body weight exercises, Olympic lifting, circuit training, explosive cardio, kick boxing, and all kinds of exercise. exercise coach, form and function are at the top of my list when it comes to putting challenging workouts together - and you'll learn a lot about your body watching my workout videos and integrating the form tips. I'm a traveler at heart,born with the wanderlust and an innate curiosity and interest in people and cultures.And it also felt like choosing something I could affirm to myself that I wanted to be true. I was a structural alignment practitioner for many years, running a traveling business where I treated athletes, motorcycle racers and all kinds of active people. I was an anthropology major at Tufts, my first college stint, and tackled journalism and nutrition at FIU (Florida International University) several years later.

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