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We are all familiar with the story of the Trojan Horse from Homer’s , but it turns out that the legendary wooden horse that was used to sneak into Troy is indeed a myth.While there are no doubts about Troy being a real city which was really burned to the ground by the Greeks, there is no archaeological evidence to support the existence of the Trojan Horse, which is the source of the myth.My name is Mia Stokes and I live in Sydney I find writing to be one not just a hobby passion or a fling but creation knowledge history civilization it is the entire world in words It is something that...Read More “I owe it to tell what is being told, but I by no means owe it to believe it”.

As his punishment in the Greek Underworld, each time Sisyphus neared...

To be more accurate, there is no written proof about Homer ever existing - which isn’t to say for sure that he didn’t either.

The problem is that Greek epics and legends were passed on orally for centuries, before someone remembered to write them down, which means it’s hard to prove that Homer had existed and written all those epics.

A real-time strategy game based on events from the Gallic Wars.(Rome) Over 100 different friendly and enemy units launch a fearsome battle onscreen. Collect rare cards to train and power up your units.

Several dozen unique units (swordsman, spearman, etc), along with actual military commanders from history! *Note: For the initial release, the game balance may be subject to change as we tweak it.

Top Reviews for Roman War(3D RTS) App – Needs some improvements better music and sounds make it like Rome total war better graphics more different maps to fight on and multiplayer more campaign maps more new units and if you can do this then you could sell it for money on app store.

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