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As a general rule, use caution when using third-party applications.Remember that it is difficult to control what information they are gathering, how they might use it, and who they will share it with.(See The Value of Behavioral Targeting by Howard Beales, sponsored by the Network Advertising Initiative)Social networks collect a lot of information about potential customers, which advertisers are very interested in using.In some ways, this may be useful to the user because the advertisements he or she sees may appear more relevant.This is often done through behavioral advertising, also known as targeting.

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This was demonstrated in one May 2010 incident during which unauthorized users were able to see the private chat logs of their contacts on Facebook.This makes the social network more attractive to users by facilitating the development of new and creative methods of interacting with contacts and the network.To make these applications useful, social networks may allow developers automatic access to public information of users.This means that advertisers and others are able to use information gleaned from social networks to build a profile of a user’s life, including linking browsing habits to one’s true identity.Read Krishnamurth and Will's 2009 study On the Leakage of Personally Identifiable Information Via Online Social Neworks.The degree to which these sites cooperate, or don’t cooperate, with law enforcement may not be fully explained in the privacy policy.

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