Scottish dating culture


"What we're trying to do is encourage lecturers, primarily from North America, to teach Scottish literature in their university level courses," says Dr Gwen Enstam, who is running the exhibition this year with ASLS manager Duncan Jones.

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When a teenage boy is found murdered in a Glasgow flat, forensic psychologist Rhona Mac Leod finds likenesses between herself and the victim.Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, helped Theresa May secure 13 seats north of the border, which is arguably a pivotal reason why the Prime Minister has been able to hold on to power.The huge improvement by the party and Ms Davidson in particular has been a rare shining light for an otherwise bleak campaign for the Tories.Though written entirely in Glaswegian Scots, it is an easy and lyrical read about a decorator who becomes a Buddhist, and is one of Canongate's selection for the Scottish exhibition.• Whisky Galore by Compton Mackenzie: So what if it perpetrates the old, cliched 'Brigadoon' myth?What young woman wouldn't identify with its heroine, Chris Guthrie, torn between the countryside of her birth and the modern world?

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