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Mrs Rhodes, who grew up with the Queen and was a bridesmaid at her wedding, did, however, have a few words of advice for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, saying their baby’s childhood should be “sacrosanct” and shielded from the grandeur of royal life.The Duchess of Cambridge is now thought to have gone slightly past her due date, which royal aides have only ever confirmed as “mid-July”.He’s always about five years ahead of the rest of the music industry, his live shows are legendary, and last year’s “ on hand for their album release party.If you’ve never seen the College Station band, then you should know that they’re really loud.I love acts who dare to do their own thing and who are different, and these guys are definitely both.Their latest album, the live release from last year “.

Citing the young Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret as examples, she said it was perfectly possible for royal children to be given the space to enjoy their childhood without the pressures that their titles might bring.

It’s in the studio & greenroom at the venue, and the show starts at .,” and if you weren’t aware, his show is closer to something from a dream than what you’re used to. Though it’s been six years since their last release, the earnest sounding band has made a name for themselves with their pretty and tight live sets.

His party fueled live set is always entertaining, and I’d guess he’ll have some guests on the bill with him. Their latest release, this year’s “ on his solo tour.

She said: “I mean, the king and queen in those days (George VI and Elizabeth) made an enormous effort to give - to keep their childhood sort of sacrosanct. And I think that they have succeeded awfully well.” Mrs Rhodes, who lived at Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace during the Second World War, also disclosed that she cried when she saw The King’s Speech, the Oscar-winning film in which Colin Firth depicted George VI’s struggle to overcome a severe stammer.

She felt so moved that she raised a few points with the Queen, his daughter. And I think it did show the difficulties he surmounted.

The shows on Friday and Saturday are at and with tickets for .00 to .00. Okay, so after seeing this guy at Fun Fun Fun in 2014, I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t impressive.

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