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We are a community of racial realists and idealists.

Dave Nachmanoff shares music from his latest record.

Overloaded with testosterone, it's just a hormonal thing more than it is an incestuous thing but, just the feel of her breasts pressed against me, while hugging me, is enough to give me an erection.

When I think more about it, the only thing separating my cock from her pussy is the thin cotton fabric of my pajama bottom and her nightgown, Always horny and walking around with an erection, I'm easily aroused.

* Mom hurts back dumpster diving, while collecting bottles and cans for Earth Day recycling drive. Now that she's 39-years-old, I'll be twenty-one in a couple of months.

If he's alive, it sucks that he never tried to contact me.

The California Museum presents "Dia De Los Muertos: Arte Y Almas." Capitol Chat follow up on the #We Said Enough campaign. Author Josh Weil closes out Stories On Stage Sacramento's 8th season. host Nick Brunner picks new music for Sound Advice.

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