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(b) Estimated total population in millions in 2015.(c) Average number of children per woman in 2010-2015.Section IV takes an in-depth look at the three main intermediate variables of sex selection and gives an interpretative framework for assessing the current situation and anticipating possible future scenarios.Section V addresses the current and future impacts of these imbalances, notably from a demographic standpoint.Thanks to demography, gender researchers now have the means to assess the scope, magnitude and repercussions of one of the most radical forms of sex discrimination.In response to the growing literature on this topic (Park et al., 2012), this article aims to make a broad overview of imbalances in sex ratios at birth and to explore current knowledge on the question.Biologists distinguish between the primary sex ratio, conception, and the secondary sex ratio, at birth.

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Where population numbers are small or fluctuating, the figures are aggregated over several years.Population and fertility figures are based on the estimates of the United Nations Population Division and the World Bank (Kosovo).These skewed sex ratios at birth have obliged demographers to revise some of their assumptions.Section II looks at recent data and trends that show how, in the last few decades, prenatal sex selection has been highly concentrated in certain world regions.That question is pursued in Section III with a review of the social and demographic disparities that are of considerable interest to our understanding of the phenomenon.Section VI broadens the debate and reviews possible policy responses to these discriminatory practices.

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