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It also outlines the conduct expected upon termination of the relationship.This approach doesn’t necessarily do away with coercion claims.Over one million US men receive a negative biopsy result each year; however, approximately 25% or more may harbor a cancer that was missed on the biopsy.Unfortunately, many men will have a number of repeat biopsies to satisfy the concern for the presence of cancer.Some employees also will be unlikely to follow the policy—for example, those having an extramarital affair.Before implementing a policy prohibiting dating within the chain of command, you must decide whether you will rearrange reporting relationships to accommodate dating employees or require one of the parties to step down or leave the company.And before implementing a notification policy, you must decide on the ramifications for failing to report.Moreover, your policies and practices must be consistently enforced and must not appear to have a disparate impact on any protected classification.

No matter how consensual the relationship may seem, there is always a chance that the subordinate will later claim that he was coerced into the relationship by the supervisor.

My response is that you should only enact policies you intend to enforce consistently.

Let’s first consider a total ban on fraternization in the workplace (assuming you can clearly define “fraternization”).

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Anyone needing specific legal advice should consult an attorney.

Finally, you could do nothing and rely solely on your antiharassment and antidiscrimination policies. .until it costs too much Anyone in a high-level position is held to a much higher standard than other employees.

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