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Koharchik said he viewed the sexual encounters as emotional connections and he "certainly" did not think of it as predatory.

In many cases, priests continued to minister following molestation allegations.

The grand jury heard evidence alcohol and pornography were provided to children.

Additionally, the report reveals the abuse was reported by family members to law enforcement, including the Pennsylvania State Police.

Others were forced to go nude beneath their robes so a priest could grope their genitals, the report revealed.

Criminal charges are not being filed because many of the priests accused of abuse have died and the statute of limitations has expired.

In another startling testimony, witnesses say Monsignor Francis Mc Caa preyed on a child who sought solace after his father's death.

Mc Caa, a "highly respected" religious leader in his community who died in 2007, was billed a "monster" by investigators.

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A Pennsylvania grand jury implicated more than 50 priests and religious leaders who have served at churches across the state in a sex-abuse scandal dating back 40 years.

Instead they chose to "shield the institution and themselves," the report said.

"Because of their choices and failed leadership, hundreds of children suffered," according to the grand jury report.

Those who were subjected to fondling under clothing or masturbation received ,000 to ,000.

Victims made to perform or receive oral sex received ,000 to ,000 under the bishop's payout chart.

Children recalled specific details, including one priest who would "grope" children while listening to Bill Cosby comedy albums.

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