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"We couldn’t think of a better time to announce Groups, a new way to communicate with up to 16 friends on Snapchat." Groups can be made either when sending a new snap or when opening a new chat.

They are started the same as a one-on-one conversation, but include a range of other people.

Tell the guy you like how hot he is – it works because guys like their ego stroked.

The turn on happens by letting him know someone digs him in that way.

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The new update, which is now available in the i OS and Android app stores, also incldes other Creative Tools.The move is perhaps one of its biggest launches in recent years.The company has been gradually looking to become more of a centre for people to have conversations, something that was severely limited by its inability to have group conversations like competitors including Whats App and Facebook Messenger.'I always wondered why you peed sitting down.'While Kris appears to be joking, Caitlyn responds seriously.'When you're struggling with your identity, there are little things you can do.It just makes you feel better about yourself,' she says, adding, 'Plus, it's messier.'Kris deadpans: 'It's kindof perfect.The respond is perhaps surprising, given that Caitlyn went public with the fact she had indeed undergone gender reassignment surgery in her new book The Secrets Of My Live: A History.

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