Silverfox older gay men dating


Call it hyperbole, but as is the case with so many men, much of my self-esteem is tied up in my appearance and libido.

Wherever I was -- on Seventh Avenue, in my Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, or on business trips -- they seemed to flaunt their silver hair and masculinity as if they hadn’t a care in the world. While the older silver fox may be hailed for his worldliness, status, and sophistication -- as well as his silver locks -- the younger foxes offer a unique variation on the theme.It makes them look like established men -- like what a man is.It’s hot.” Gray hair is “cool now,” says Andrew Weir, one of the fashion world’s go-to guys for casting advertising campaigns and editorial features.At its core, being green -- as much about appearance and perception as it is about saving the world -- means being natural, and with gray hair there’s no artifice.For gay men, historically known to bury hurt and pain under glossy, performative exteriors, that’s especially revolutionary.In his work scanning the streets for “real” men and women to model for his clients’ projects, he says he’s noticed a definite rise in the number of silver foxes.

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