Snsd dating scandal


Trainees live in dormitories where they’re taught to sing and dance, told what to eat, when to date (single performers are more attractive to fans) and how to behave.

These last two details are crucial, because in a highly Confucian society like Korea, when chat forums start to ring with rumors that a female pop star is dating or that she has acted impertinently, that’s the knell of her career.

For instance, when the hugely popular group Girls’ Generation (SNSD) batted their eyes at a boy band during a television variety show in 2008, this prompted fans to publicly humiliate them at that year’s annual Dream Concert, where audience members typically show performers their support by creating oceans of light with glow sticks.

When SNSD took to the stage, the audience greeted them with dead silence and pitch darkness for the duration of their set.

"They recently started dating," said JYP Entertainment, Nichkhun's agency.

According to police, a man filed a report around midnight of March 30, claiming that Hyoyeon had hit him in the eye when a simple joke went amiss.

But when it comes to their Korean counterparts, talent is optional. “They asked me to sing, and I’m the best singer,” ex-TAHITI member Sarah Wolfgang, formerly known as Hanhee, said of her recruitment in a recent interview.

Three years later, South Korea debuted its first "idol" group, the boy band H. T., followed in 1997 by its first major girl group, S. To be sure, many of its vapid songs are intentionally light on lyrics — catchiness is king.Investigators said Hyoyeon had feigned the act of jumping off a second-floor balcony and the man sustained the injury while trying to stop her. Police also found no illegality liked with Hyoyeon and wrapped up the case.A surprising finding by the probe was that the complainant, identified as Kim Joon-hyung who penned a famous autobiography demonstrating his tenacious efforts to succeed, was her ex-boyfriend.For that reason, many agencies typically prohibit their entertainers from dating through a strict regime of regulating their daily lives."You are watching us grow, the unedited version," she was quoted as saying in an article released on Wednesday. I have many married friends, including those with babies."Sunny went on, "Perhaps there are people who have difficulty in accepting the fact that we are getting mature. Personally speaking, I'm positive about becoming mature.""That may be welcoming news for them.But we need to know why SM lifted the (dating) ban despite knowing that a dating scandal only carries a negative impact on their popularity," he said.Mr.," many critics argue that the group's popularity has already gone into a tailspin. The "crisis" started in January with news that Yoona, 24, had been dating ballad singer Lee Seung-gi, 27.

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