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I was an advanced ticket holder and the sixth person in line.Also, non-advanced ticket holders were allowed in the building to purchase tickets."There's something for everybody."That includes martial arts demonstrations, tattooing and guests from the worlds of voice-over acting and comic books. Mark Dodson, who voiced the title characters in the "Gremlins" movie and Salacious Crumb in "Return of the Jedi," is also on the guest list."Of course, everybody signs autographs and poses for pictures," Chaudhuri said. For anyone not steeped in the minutiae of geek culture, Ferrigno is probably the most recognizable name on the guest lineup. The main stage will feature aerialists, sword play, martial arts demonstrations, a hypnotist and more.So, they were allowed in line before advanced ticket holders inside the building.I arrived early for a reason only to see last minute arrivals ahead of me, unfortunately. OS5OH #Fayetteville Comic Con brings Incredible Hulk, Flash Gordon, zombies to @Crown Complex NC , offers an impressive line-up of special guests, artists, cosplayers, collectibles, contests and more.

Ferrigno will be signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans at the event, which is being held for the third consecutive year."It's getting bigger every year," said Michael Chaudhuri, promotor of the event. The expanded gaming alley will feature vintage video games that will be free to play except during tournaments, Chaudhuri said. It includes "Flash Gordon" actor Sam Jones, "Superman" actor Jack O'Halloran and "Dragon Ball Z" voice actors Chris Sabat, Vic Mignogna, Linda Young and Eric Vale.Ferrigno was a champion bodybuilder when he won the role of the Hulk in 1977, playing the green-skinned character that lead actor Bill Bixby would morph into when provoked to anger.Ferrigno also had small roles in the 2003 movie "Hulk" and the 2008 movie "The Incredible Hulk.""Everybody seems really excited about him," Chaudhuri said.The only problem is when your dream vendor is already tied up with another bride you can miss out on that connection.With the Perfect Match Bridal Show they have combined a bridal show with speed dating, where you get to sit and really talk with every vendor so that you can find your perfect match!In addition to Lou Ferrigno, an actor famous for his role as the Original Hulk and Hercules, the FCC will host: Ø Veteran comic book Artist Pat Broderick will appear for the first time at FCC.

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