Speed dating scunthorpe


Warming Up It was with no little amount of trepidation that Jo (the other victim) and I wandered up to the front door of the Boom Bar in St.

John's Hill where we were to spend the next few hours trying to be as entertaining and vivacious as possible (yes, we were out researching so it didn't really count but no one likes to lose…even if they are only playing) with a mob of people who we'd never met before.

Paul Hayes and Gary Hooper combined fluently and Woolford’s shot was only pushed away by Forde with Matt Sparrow following up for the first of his own brace of goals.

Their tails up, Scunthorpe proceeded to cut through the Millwall defence as they liked, striking with particular stealth and speed on the counter.

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At the end of the night all the sheets are collected, results collated and, within 24 hours, potential matches (i.e."Perhaps", I thought, "this isn't going to be quite as torturous as I'd imagined". The Games Begin All too soon we were hustled from the comparative comfort of the bar and to our starting positions (at a table corresponding to the number stuck on your chest along with you name).There was a short and somewhat ear-splitting demonstration of the whistle that would be used to indicate when it was time to swap partners and then we were off…Against Luton they had also scored early only to then find themselves trailing.Yesterday they scored with just five minutes on the clock and after Lewis Grabban had just sent a decent chance into the arms of Murphy.It was cruel on the London team who had given their all in the sub-blazed afternoon.

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