Sql updating


The following sample shows how to create a stored procedure named sample Lead Create Update.This stored procedure is used when e Connect performs create or update operations for the IG_Lead_MSTR table (IG001).Most likely you will not want to do something like this, but you might have a case when you need to update several table rows at once.For example if one of the company's offices has been moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles you might want to update all users with City San Francisco to Los Angeles (we assume that the employees have moved too).To create a SQL stored procedure that performs the create and update operations, complete the following steps: Open Visual Studio.

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You can add SQL functions, WHERE, and JOIN statements to a view and present the data as if the data were coming from one single table.

To do that, use the following SQL statement: In both UPDATE example having WHERE clause above, I've changed a table field to new value, using the same field in the WHERE clause criteria.

This was purely coincidental and you can update different field(s) than the one used in your WHERE criteria, for example: When updating make sure that the WHERE clause criteria you have specified updates only the rows you want.

In SQL, a view is a virtual table based on the result-set of an SQL statement.

A view contains rows and columns, just like a real table.

To complete a create, update, or delete operation, the Dynamics GP Service framework sends an XML document to e Connect.

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