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Experts have integrated thousands of single photon detectors onto a silicon chip, similar to that found in a digital camera.The technology is so sensitive that it can detect the tiny traces of light that pass through the body’s tissue from the light of the endoscope.The rumours were true - the iconic Nokia 3310 is back and it even has Snake.A refreshed version of the 3310, known for its simple design and a near indestructible shell, was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday.

No selfies, but there is a rear camera The new device unlike it’s predecessor comes with a 2 megapixel rear camera and a LED flash.

Snake is back Remember Snake, that simple four button game that used to be an addictive time sink, well it is back.

The new version will keep its simple 2D gameplay but will have a multicoloured art style instead of a monochrome look of old.5.

Determining if your organization is an intelligent enterprise or a slow learner may be challenging, but a new index quantifies criteria in terms of data usage, workflow efficiency, and progress toward the Io T.

Successful enterprise Dev Ops transformations share several common characteristics, strategies and techniques which enable an organization to break down the transformation into smaller, achievable steps.

Full coverage of Mobile World Congress 2017Here are five key features of the Nokia 3310:1.

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