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Regardless of this ever evolving fatigue model, 800-meter athletes must spend time training at a level of intensity and duration that cause this kind of fatigue.

We are not looking for the athletes to run so hard that they achieve “booty lock,” “falling out,” or “losing their lunch.” Those kinds of demanding or “going to the well” sessions will be discussed later in Goal #3.Science now tells us that “lactic acid” isn’t the cause of that fatigue.We are told now that there is a correlation of high levels of lactate and increasing acidity in the muscle, but that lactate isn’t the cause of that acidity.Some misperceive repetition training as “speed work.” Repetition training can be used for a variety of purposes including developing endurance in the 800-meter athletes.For true 800-meter specialists, repetition training for endurance development may yield greater results than unsupervised continuous runs.It is also important to surround these sessions with contrasting sessions to allow the nervous system to recover.

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