Teachers dating students after they graduate sean yazbeck dating


“Teachers” includes, but is not limited to, all ladder and non-ladder faculty of the University.

The pedagogical relationship between teacher and student must be protected from influences or activities that can interfere with learning and personal development.

Whenever a teacher is or in the future might reasonably become responsible for teaching, advising, or directly supervising a student, a sexual relationship between them is inappropriate and must be avoided.

In addition to creating the potential for coercion, any such relationship jeopardizes the integrity of the educational process by creating a conflict of interest and may impair the learning environment for other students.

Colwell said this issue has not come up in the education department and attributes this to the nature of the department itself.

He explained that the students in the department are often out in public schools and have a “heightened sensitivity” to this issue.“Our job is not only helping college kids but we’re in the K-12 business too,” Colwell said.

Therefore, no teacher shall have a sexual or amorous relationship with any undergraduate student, regardless of whether the teacher currently exercises or expects to have any pedagogical or supervisory responsibilities over that student.

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