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Aside from Laurie’s callback to the random “What about Obama?” joke from last week — “What is with this country?(Important piece of mythology here: Werewolves need oxygen to breathe.) The one good thing about Scott and Malia being trapped in close quarters, however, is that… “I was supposed to go to France,” she told Scott during a particularly desperate moment. “Remember what I said out there, when the air was running out? “I mean about all of the things I haven’t done, and all of the things I still want to do? (Meanwhile, Stiles just got really angry and he doesn’t know why.) Unfortunately, Scott and Malia’s revelry was short-lived. weaponry to the scared people of Beacon Hills, someone opened fire, sending a barrage of bullets through the windows of Scott’s house. (That also explains why Jackson and Ethan get hunted in London! Hopes for the few remaining episodes of the series?

It’s one that the show, after teasing out, finally turns into a joke by having Laurie first cast aspersions on Louie’s heterosexuality and then sucker-punching him and threatening to break his finger unless her gets her off.The pair’s eventual fooling around in Laurie’s truck is itself the kind of turnaround the show has come to specialize in — a subversion of the expected trope of the reluctant blind date turning out to not be so bad after all.That’s the apparent initial scenario of “Telling Jokes/Set Up,” which finds comic Allan Havey, playing himself, inviting Louie back to his home to have dinner with him and his wife Debbie (Larisa Polonsky) as well as, it turns out, Debbie’s friend Laurie, who wasn’t informed of the plan ahead of time either.Even embraced this concept when Oliver Queen decided to focus solely on his life as The Arrow in Season 3.The difference here is that Kara is often regarded as one of the most incorruptible heroes in the entire 's supporting players, and the rest of the show's cast chimed in at the San Diego Comic-Con panel to explain that Kara's choice to distance herself from humanity will instantly draw concern and suspicion among those she cares about.A mentality such as this isn't necessarily earth shattering within the grand scheme of superhero arcs.

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