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Part IV: Updating Security Onion Since all of packages are in a standard Ubuntu Launchpad PPA, you can use standard Ubuntu package management tools to update ALL packages (Ubuntu and Security Onion).

However, there are some caveats to be aware of: You may be prompted to update your kernel packages and PF_RING at the same time.

Additionally, I have two network cards: one for management, and one for monitoring.

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Part III: Installing VMWare Tools (Optional) I personally prefer to install VMWare tools on my system.Open up a terminal window and enure you have root privileges.We used the sudo -i command to change over to root.If you do so, the PF_RING kernel module will get built for your current kernel and not for the newly installed kernel and upon reboot services will fail.To avoid this, you should install just the PF_RING kernel module by itself and then install the kernel and any other remaining package updates.Here’s a one-liner that will do that: sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install securityonion-pfring-module ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade If you accidentally install both the kernel and PF_RING packages at the same time and then reboot and find out that PF_RING services (Snort and Suricata) are failing, you can reinstall the securityonion-pfring-module package: sudo apt-get install –reinstall securityonion-pfring-module NOTE: I used the sudo -i command to gain root privileges to system.

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