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The remit was to write a letter to a stranger on the subject of happiness, to be interpreted however I and the other 49 contributors saw fit.

When I first clapped eyes on ‘Dear Stranger’, […] Recently, I was in hospital overnight for an operation when the nurse on duty came in with some painkillers.

I have been in the dating zoo for a while -- with a certain lack of enthusiasm and a fair share of ambivalence. and too afraid to check out Tinder and therefore being offered too much adventurous sex with a hot-blooded much too young "cupidangelo" who likes to explore "all there is." So I signed on for free to the dating site OK STUPID. It's the OK-men who are mostly depressing and live in a world I don't understand for the life of me. One was "looking for a levelheaded lady" - that's definitely me.

As a result she wrote her first book "What did you do in the War, Daddy? She has written 10 more books and several screenplays since, and lives in Los Angeles. I have met so many wonderful friends because of the Internet. And like many others I was too cheap to pay for some websites that promise that you will finally find the missing half of yourself (I personally haven't lost any piece of me).However, I can't help but think that there has been a drastic increase in rude behavior because of how everything is so accessible these days. I have been in the dating zoo for a while -- with a certain lack of enthusiasm and a fair share of ambivalence. Unfortunately, with online dating, people tend to judge a book by its cover. They have a lot to offer, too, mostly manly understanding for the female soul that is alien to them. I think I speak for most women when I advise men not to start a conversation with just "hi" or "Hi, pretty lady, how was ur day," or "care about a chat? I have to be tolerant, clean, sexy, modest, playful, humorous, honest, somewhat intelligent, and love his dog, kids, grandma, nature, the ocean and Italian food. In their summary they say things like this: I made only the last two things up. Also, please, no photos of your car, ex-wives, mother, best buddy, dogs in sweaters, vacationing anywhere, especially not snorkeling pictures, theme parks, having a glass of wine in your hand, costume party pix, selfie in bathroom mirror with shower curtain, patting a horse, hugging a kid or playing an instrument, OK? I could only imagine […] The other day my eight-year-old son caught me dancing in the bathroom.

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