Too busy for online dating


The dating game is a dance and if you really like her, you'll be patient - it will pay off.

Be happy that she has returned your phone call - 24 hours is not unreasonable.

I want you to take a deep breath -- seriously, STOP reading and do it NOW... and then I want you to say to yourself the following things: - There is NO hurry - Tomorrow will come - If this works out, great. You don't realize it yet but your enthusiasm (and believe me, enthusiasm is NOT bad, but it's all too easily overdone) is in danger of running away with you, PLUS your bad experiences in the past have taught you to not only analyze, but to ANALyze your thoughts and reason busy people do online dating is because they hope to find other busy individuals like them that share the same life values. A couple that stays together all day just "around" each other.You say you're not feeling any urgency for a relationship -- yet you're stewing over this after only the second date, clearly.You admit she's busy -- whatever led you to believe that was probably correct. ..take another deep breath and repeat after me: - I will NOT get clingy.Still we find time to communicate through email and make time during the week and weekends to go on dates.Maybe you should talk with this young lady and let her know that you're an uber communicator.That you don't have to know where she is all the time, but maybe a text or something to let you know what's going on.

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