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GREENSBORO, NC -- A Greensboro travel agent is getting a first-hand look at what Hurricane Irma could bring to the Carolinas.

Stefani Hasty has been in the Dominican Republic since July 10 touring different resorts for her clients.

Every day is still a struggle, but having the app with me helps, especially when I feel that I'm about to give in to a ritual.All those things were available.”While Hasty rides out the storm in Punta Cana, her co-workers are busy back in Greensboro.Hurricane Irma is also ruining plans for travelers who were heading south.During this short time, with much work and determination, she has achieved remarkable progress against her, previously omnipresent, OCD symptoms!Her OCD had forced her into seclusion, isolation, and painful 4 hour ritualistic decontamination showers and had even left her unable to touch those she loves.I know it sounds funny, but it's almost like I don't want to let it down.

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