Twitter dating rules

In our current digitally driven society, we rely on finding most of our information from the internet.

Many people use social media in particular to keep in touch with friends and family and to stay updated on current world events, but what about getting relationship advice?

Their articles are always funny and slightly racy, so this website (and Twitter feed) is perfect for those who appreciate a brutally honest approach.

Joshua Pompey (@Joshua Pompey)Joshua is an online dating expert who has composed numerous articles over the years about his area of expertise.

Her dating and relationship articles are detailed and informative, much like her Twitter feed, so check her out if you are looking for dating advice for mature women.

Christan Marashio (@ATWYSingle)Christan is a dating expert who writes the column And That’s Why You’re Single.

Check out his Twitter feed if you are looking for some hilarious, risque yet candid dating advice.Since he is a pro in the area of online dating, he discusses topics like how to craft a top-quality email to perfecting your online dating profile.Josh frequently updates his Twitter account with relevant articles, so make sure to check out his feed if you are looking for some tips about online dating.Erin Tillman (@Dating Advice Grl)Erin is a dating guru who not only offers up written advice but also hosts her own radio show that features her insights on the dating world.Her topics range from first kiss tips to dating on a budget.Scroll through her Twitter feed to find links to her dating and relationship articles as well as some quick tips.

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