Updating a database using coldfusion


Included in the discussion are configuring data sources, an introduction to SQL, and techniques for retrieving and displaying data.refers to a connection between Cold Fusion and an information source, such as a database, LDAP server, flat file, etc.The Structured Query Language (SQL) is an ANSI/ISO standard programming language for writing database queries.All databases supported by Cold Fusion support SQL and all Cold Fusion tags that access a database allow you to pass SQL statements to the tag.Using Cold Fusion, you can perform a wide range of database operations including adding, updating, and deleting records; adding new columns to existing tables; and creating, altering, and dropping existing tables.In this chapter, we cover the basics you need to know in order to use Cold Fusion to interact with a database.

You must register the data source with the Cold Fusion Administrator in order to take advantage of Cold Fusion’s database management and security features.The most commonly used SQL statement in Cold Fusion is the SELECT statement.The SELECT statement reads data from a database and returns it to Cold Fusion.For more information, see "Writing queries using an editor".In many cases, you do not want all rows from a table, but only a subset of rows.For specifics, consult the documentation for your particular flavor of Cold Fusion.

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