Updating arecord in access form


A couple years ago, Microsoft designed a new data access technology called OLE DB.

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Because ADO was designed to be used in Microsoft's scripting languages, and the only data type available in these scripting languages is the Variant data type, the Field objects always contain a Variant data value.

As a result, you have a small number of basic objects: Along with these objects, you have collection objects for containing collections of Error, Parameter, and Field objects.

The Connection object is used for establishing and maintaining a connection to a database.

Whenever a database error occurs, the error information from the database is placed into an ADO Error object.

The error information in the error object is the database error information, not ADO error information.

Each of the Parameter objects will have the name of the parameter that it holds the value for, along with the value that should be passed to the database for that particular parameter.

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