Updating computer lab


Outreach to generous parishioners as well as special school fundraising efforts raised the rest of the funds.

“The 25 computers set up in the library were a wonderful design in its day,” Dassler said.

“But it had become outdated because of the continual changes in technology.” Dassler dove into the technology rejuvenation with a hands-on effort.

“The custodian and I took the computer lab all apart, hauled everything downstairs and put it into storage, and got rid of it all in the spring when (city-wide) recycle day came around,” she said The next step was to sit down and create a plan for equipment as well as for the funding for the 5,000 project. The grants were pretty forthcoming, some local and some not,” she said.

Now we can provide data to support our mission,” Hartl said.

In addition, in response to a survey of what parents wanted to see in the school, the school offers band, basketball, math teams, a student council and a theater program that attracts audiences who don’t even have children in the school.

Go to the ~/Applications folder on your Mac, find the installer file and Option Drag it to another folder like ~/Downloads to make a copy that will stay even after the machine is restarted.

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