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Asus loses some points for failing to sell extended warranties in the U. It also gets a demerit for voiding your warranty if you upgrade your RAM or storage.On the plus side, Asus pays for shipping if you have to send your laptop in for service.Just keep in mind that if you're using the accidental damage protection, you have to pay your own freight to send the machine in.By the way Microsoft is marketing the Surface Pro 3, you’d think tablets and laptops were practically interchangeable: just a matter of personal preference. Using a mix of product testing and data crunching, we’ve come up with five key questions to ask yourself before you commit to one device over the other for yourself or for a holiday gift.

Asus provides a one-year limited warranty on all of its laptops, but depending on the system you get and the retailer you purchase it from, you may also get accidental-damage protection.It even took a walk on the outlandish side with the GX800 and its detachable water-cooling dock.But Asus deserves kudos for its lower-tier products like the F555LA or the Chromebook Flip, which look almost as premium as their more expensive counterparts.On the high end, few laptop-makers can compete with Asus’ blazing-fast gaming notebooks or its innovative Ultrabooks.The company’s only major shortcoming is its weak tech support.Asus jumped up one rank this year in reviews, from third to second.

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