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For Easy PHP, you’ll notice these lines at the top of the file located in ;------------------------ IMPORTANT !---------------------- ; This file is GENERATED by Easy PHP when needed so edit the ; file C:\PROGRA~2\EASYPH~1.1VC\binaries\conf_files\if you want to do ; modifications in this file ;-----------------------------------------------------------.I would like to know how you upgrade PHP in Xampp for Windows?I tried to download the latest PHP version from the main PHP site but when I check (phpinfo) I still get that the previous version is still in use.

I've searched a bit around on google and I found out that it uses my windows PHP version instead of my webserver's version.=5.6.4 but your PHP version (5.5.12) does not satisfy that requirement.I'm using WAMP which runs php version 7.0.4 this is also confirmed in the browser if I echo the php version.My reason for posting this article is that Easy PHP server has stuck any upgrade components behind a paywall, or ‘warehouse’ as they call it, which costs /year, which seems crazy when it’s so easy to do yourself.This guide should work for other servers running on windows as well, you’ll just need to modify certain steps depending on how your specific set up is configured.If you’re upgrading from an older version that uses VC9 it might be easier to reinstall Easy PHP.

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