Updating psp to 3 52


that was pretty straightforward, but something that sony could have had mentioned out of the box since you get a memory stick with the psp.

my music experience was similiar to my photo experience.

thankfully, i bought a game, so i was able to try out the psp's gaming abilities.

before playing the game i decided to mess around with the memory stick duo aspect of the psp.

updating psp to 3 52-11updating psp to 3 52-34

as for getting the device on the network, the psp has a configuration app built in and a network update application that lets you make sure that you have the latest os on your psp.i watched in awe as the first units showed up in japan, and even contemplated buying one at that time so that the readers of could get our opinion on what is sure to be the new standard in portable entertainment.in the end, though, since people were reporting issues and defects, i decided to wait for the u.s. the psp officially started selling in the united states yesterday morning.instead, i got a movie disc of “spider-man 2.” i would have preferred a choice of a movie or a game. it's sony's device, so the company definitely could have afforded to throw a larger one in there.and while they were at it, they should have added a psp directory and corresponding photos and music directories, too. i've already heard stories of dead pixels, and while i haven't seen that yet, i did notice that the drive door doesn't close all of the way on my unit.i showed it around work and i think i sold a couple within seconds–people just couldn't get over how sleek looking it was and the amazing quality of the games. even after i bought the psp, before i turned it on i was doubting whether it would get any use beyond a review since the nintendo ds i bought has been sitting in a drawer since my first week of ownership.

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