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This document also establishes that The Executive Board shall establish and maintain a CDM registry to ensure the accurate accounting of the issuance, holding, transfer and acquisition of CERs by Parties not included in Secretariat as the CDM registry administrator at its thirteenth meeting.

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[More...]• Be sure they are shortcuts (they will have a small arrow on the icon); left-click on one of them and drag it to the Word Perfect toolbar or property bar (note that the latter may be a context-sensitive bar, so it may not always be visible).View details of voluntary cancellations in the CDM Registry, except those processed through the online platform.FOR BUYERS The online platform was launched in September 2015 to allow members of the public to offset their carbon footprint in a simple and transparent way.Decision 7 CMP/2005/8/Add.1 paragraph 37defines the resources for work on the clean development mechanism and establishes that the SOP Admin is to be calculated according to the following rule: (a) USD 0.10 per certified emission reduction issued for the first 15,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent for which issuance is requested in a given calendar year; (b) USD 0.20 per certified emission reduction issued for any amount in excess of 15,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent for which issuance is requested in a given calendar year; Detailed information related to the issuance of CERs can be found in section “Issuance of CERs” Decision 17 CP/2001/13/Ad.2 states: (a) That the share of proceeds to assist developing country Parties that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change to meet the costs of adaptation, as referred to in Article 12, paragraph 8, of the Kyoto Protocol, shall be two per cent of the certified emission reductions issued for a clean development mechanism project activity; (b) That clean development mechanism project activities in least developed country Parties shall be exempt from the share of proceeds to assist with the costs of adaptation; The CDM registry has set up a dedicated account for the Adaptation Fund where the two percent of each issuance of CERs is forwarded at the time of the issuance.The work and progress of the Adaptation Fund and its Board can be followed on See Help (F1 key; Index tab) for "grammar," "writing styles," "writing tools," and related topics.

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