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Sony brand audio players were on the market from September 1992 until March 2013.

The introduction of the MZ-RH1 allowed users to freely move uncompressed digital recordings back and forth from the Mini Disc to a computer without the copyright protection limitations previously imposed upon the Net MD series.

There are also a few things that often aren't examples, even though they might look like they are — in particular, software that appears to use a lot of memory or storage space on your machine.

Your operating system might use a gigabyte of memory on your machine, but that's not because it actually needs it — what's actually happening is that it's using extra memory in exchange for a speed boost.

In general, a problem in a piece of software shouldn't be considered an example if it occurs in a pre-release (pre-alpha, alpha, or beta) build, or if there's no reason to believe that the software should be judged by professional standards (e.g.

commercial software is fair game, but non-commercial software often isn't, unless it's intended to compete with commercial software).

The biggest competition for Mini Disc came from the emergence of MP3 players.

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