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To access this functionality, simply go to menu Help -- This screen has several fields and options: The Work with: drop-down selection refers to which configured update site is selected.

Whatever is shown in this list is directly related to the update sites configured in CCS, as shown in the Managing Update Sites/Servers section below.

Using the overwrite approach will save you a lot of trouble with keeping page revisions correctly working as these are depending on file modification time-stamps.

Dokuwiki version since 2015-08-10 “Detritus” requires some special settings in suhosin php extension (if installed), otherwise edit page and plugin update/install won't work.

Some instances where this may be necessary: Check the Youtube quick tip below for details.

If your computer resides behind a firewall you may have to setup the proxy information so that CCS can get to our Eclipse update site.

Note: in the case of compiler tools, it will show the latest minor releases of all the major streams.

As an example, if this box is unchecked the result shows all streams of 5.2.x (5.2.0 is the only one available) and all streams of 5.1.x (5.1.9, 5.1.8, etc.): If you need to install an entirely new feature or add a component to an existing CCS installation, such as adding support for a new processor family that was not previously installed or adding a new JTAG debugger family or manufacturer, you will have to run the CCS installer again.

Wikipedia is a living, breathing encyclopedia where anyone can add their own pages, articles, and knowledge. It pays to start by making small edits to existing pages to test your skills before trying to create new content.Note: sometimes the software being installed may fail due to reasons like permissions (more common in Linux) or incompatibility between the existing CCS release and the software to be installed (more common if using older CCS releases).In all cases, read carefully the error message to solve the issue.You are also able to target specific plug-ins or updates for installation as well as directly access the Eclipse Marketplace.By default CCS automatically checks for updates when it starts up, therefore very little is required other than selecting the correct packages and following the on-screen instructions.Descriptions on this page are meant for standard, manual installations as described on the install page only. Its file layout is organized in a way that avoids overwriting any user content, which means an upgrade generally is just unpacking a new version on top of an old one.

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