Usps express tracking not updating 2016 Sex chays no regristration

I was about to call the USPS when the scan finally came through.

My solution is to wait in line and have the clerks hand scan in my packages.

I’m actually in awe of how few problems we’ve had in 10 years mailing tens of thousands of packages. I do realize I refunded my buyer prematurely, but I really want to be a good seller. I guess my worry is that if they accept a package but lose it without scanning it how do I prove they even have the package?

I’m better now realizing that all sellers deal with this issue, but I also still feel like my particular location just started to become a bit more lazy. This was a lesson, I didn’t realize initially what was going on. I found a few of my first class packages didn’t get scanned until they were delivered.

For high dollar items I will have to figure out a way to do it in person, but everything else I just have to risk it. My partner and I work out the drop off but neither of us are consistently available during USPS business hours. I went through a similar issue a while back, because my carrier wasn’t scanning all of the pickups. Most buyers aren’t paying attention to their deliveries and aren’t concerned. Even though some of my packages aren’t showing a scan within the 1 business day, I have not been penalized. –or that tracking says delivered within the expected handling time –or the buyer clicks “yes, this was delivered on time”.

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You print out the scan list and bring it to the counter with your items. However, yesterday, I had to wait in line for about 15 min.

Also there are times when a package is scanned, but does not show up on the website even though it may be present on the USPS internal website.

A week may be slow, but it not that unusual with some packages.

They actually *do* respond to comments and complaints, and pass on the issue to the correct local post master to sort out.

I have written twice with issues, and both times I received either a phone call or email THE NEXT DAY from my local p.o., (in Illinois and then in Texas).

The only way to guarantee a scan is to go to the counter and get a receipt. Anytime we have issues, we speak to the person who picks up our packages, or call the local office. With the millions of packages they handle every day, they is bound to be errors here and there.

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