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If multiple errors are found with the record when performing batch Validation, for example, a designation field is missing in addition to an invalid account/sort code combination, these errors will be listed in priority: If the '' warning message is invoked on a batch row, identification of the correct constituent must occur before validation of the incoming account details.This allows any correct information already held on the constituent record to be available for comparison and selection.Alternatively, if the user is selecting account details already stored on the record of an existing constituent via the drop-down list, validation will occur as the user tabs away from the Account field or clicks into another area of the batch.If the account details are found to be invalid, a small triangle will display in the top right-hand corner of the cell, as shown below.If the sort code does not exist, the following error '' will currently be displayed.In a future enhancement, this message will explicitly state that the sort code provided is invalid or not found.In the below situation, once the entered account data is saved, the user must then navigate back to the Accounts tab on the main Constituent page and validate as described above.

New query nodes are also available to allow for reporting on validation status.

There's no Setup fee or ongoing management fee, just a simple price based on a scale of between 2.5p and 4p VAT per lookup.

The Bank Account and Financial Institution Validation was created by Zeidman Development for Blackbaud CRM.

Account details are stored on the constituent record and can be accessed via the Accounts tab.

When account information is first entered and saved, the validation status displays as Needs Validation, as shown below.

Results are returned immediately but by default, the validation details window is collapsed on completion and will need to be expanded again to see the result.

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