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The Rainsberrys told Gracie about her twin as soon as they could. She has the same type of glasses as me, except mine are actually broken and hers are teal and mine are pink."The similarities don't stop there.

Audrey heard about five minutes before the pair talked for the first time on Dec. Audrey said that she was "overwhelmed and I started to cry," when she saw Gracie for the first time in a video chat."Yeah, that was the same as me," said Gracie, chiming into the conversation with a USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin reporter."Then I started to talk to her, and ask questions." Audrey said. The girls, in fifth grade, both participate in sports, Gracie in competitive soccer and basketball and Audrey in gymnastics.

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The girls also had different birthdays — Gracie's is April 23 and Audrey's is April 28 — which meant not even their foster mother knew they were twins before they were adopted.Audrey tells Gracie about a recent fifth-grade trip to the school forest she went on with her school, Wausau's Riverview Elementary.The two 10-year-olds are playing a game online as they chat, Audrey in her Green Bay Packers gear and Gracie, who lives in Washington, in her Seattle Seahawks jersey.Gracie Rainsberry, left, talks via video chat with her twin biological sister Audrey Doering, and Audrey's adoptive mother Jennifer Doering at their house in Wausau. Jennifer Doering stared at the photo when she received it. The man went into the other girl's file — Gracie's file — and gave Doering her Chinese name and her birth date.There, on the foster mother's lap, were two Audreys."I asked him right away, 'Why are there two of them? Gracie's given name, Tong Min Mei, was the first clue. The first part denotes the region of China where they were born, but Mei and Gui, if put together, mean "rose." It's common in Chinese culture for twins to be given names that mean one word, Doering was told.The two were adopted separately, Gracie first to the Rainsberrys, who live in one of the Richland, Wash., and then Audrey to the Doering family in Wausau.

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