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They may buy a kind of sexual experience as a kind of escape or retreat, as ethnographers like Elizabeth Bernstein and Katherine Frank have documented in their work. If anything, fighting gender inequality has helped women engaged in sex work to have more control and power in their lives.

It was street-based sex workers who saw that police were using laws against sex work to abuse and control them—and take their earnings—who kicked off the modern prostitutes' rights movement.

Gira Grant: The Internet has absolutely opened up sex work to a broader and more diverse group of people, who might do sex work as one of many freelance gigs they take on.

Looking at cam sites and sugar daddy sites—or better yet, looking at their tumblrs where they talk shop—I see a lot of newbie models and sugar babies selling an image of, "I'm not the kind of girl who you'd ever expect to do this." But—caution.

The latest iteration of the University of Chicago’s General Social Survey found that last year, 9.1 percent of men “had ever paid for or received payment for sex.” In the 1990s, 17 percent of men said the same thing. But you don't end any of that by eradicating sex work.

I asked Melissa Gira Grant—the writer behind the blog postwhoreamerica.com, and the author of the forthcoming book Melissa Gira Grant: I'd want to know what people who say "reducing the incidence of sex work is a good thing" think sex work is, who does it, and why. I think what too many people mean when they say they want to reduce sex work is that they don’t want to drive by a motel where they think sex work happens, or they don’t want to come across sex ads online, or they're just sick of seeing those "sex slaves next door" shows on MSNBC.

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posed that question this week on the heels of a new study showing that American men are becoming less and less likely to say that they’ve exchanged money for sex.

Ditto with lifting stigmas against gay men—when sex between men is normalized in our culture, the less demand there might be for a black market for buying and selling it. Gira Grant: Let's test this with other transactional forms of relationships.

Does the availability of a partner who will cook for you mean you stop going to restaurants?

It might be easier to find women engaged in even casual sex work, and easier to hear them talk about their work like that, but it doesn't mean necessarily that there are more of them than ever before.

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