Web camera знакомства с эмо

Emo emerges as a powerful identity mark, which through dissemination in new media provides the foundation for a new sense of subcultural belonging.Contents Introduction Methodology Findings Discussion Conclusion Introduction Emo is a global phenomenon which covers a large range of styles of emotionally charged hardcore. During the last three decades emo has changed from an underground to a mainstream phenomenon.

According to emo opponents this “dark” look is an expression of superficiality, a mask hiding emptiness and boredom.In the recent Italian films, (2010), emo youth are represented as sad individuals who had retired within themselves.In these media texts they are portrayed as heavy users of new media such as MP3 players and social network sites (SNSs), this use connoting social withdrawal.We investigated the way youth use the Web and SNSs as a means of subcultural participation producing self–constructed and reflexive forms of subcultural identity [3].This aim was addressed within a theoretical framework that considered subculture as: Martin’s formulation of the concept focuses on the modalities of social representation of the social world rather than on efforts to identify and define actual groups of people and then ascribe to them values and practices that are held to be characteristics.Emo followers are not only described as “wannabes”, but also as inclined to depression and suicide.

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