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With the sexes so bored with each other, all that's left are these feminist witch-hunts. And American women don't know what they want any longer.

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And it comes at late and decadent phases of culture!

Second-wave feminism went off the rails when it was totally unable to deal with erotic imagery, which has been a central feature of the entire history of Western art ever since Greek nudes.

So let's dig in a little — what would you say was 's cultural impact?

Hefner updated and revitalized the image of the British gentleman, a man of leisure who is deft at conversation — in which American men have never distinguished themselves — and the art of seduction, which was a sport refined by the French.

Hefner's new vision of American masculinity was part of his desperate revision of his own Puritan heritage.

What could today's media learn from what Hef did at ?

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